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A lot about MLM is a lot about stories.

Here’s a little exercise to stretch your brain.
There are five stories at least you can tell after reading this Fake News article.

Relationships no longer matter in banking.

What make this artice Fake News, by my definition, is that it looks like a real article about something newsworthy, but it really turns out to be an advertisement for something else.

It’s clever and effective when done well, and deceptive when done wrong.

After reading the article, here are the first five stories I can tell:

1) JP Morgan Chase is trying to disrupt discount online trading platforms with a “free for your first 100 trades product”.

2) JP Morgan Chase wants to announce to their 60 million customers and the world that they have a new product that will help them enter and trade more on the stock market to take advantage of historic stock market run. Their participation in MAGA.
(MAGA is make America Great Again)

3) JP Morgan Chase is trying to flood the market with a bunch of novice traders. These newbies invest lots of money. Expert traders can swindle them out of their funds “legally” with high speed trading they cannot compete against. The newbies will never know what hit them. (Helps bigger clients that pay bigger fees)

4) JP Morgan Chase realizes it’s easier to market a product to people you already have a relationship with.

5) JP morgan Chase is building a relationship with their customer so they like them more and stay.

I bet you can come with some stories of your own, too.

The point of the relationship stories is that MLM, banking, business in general, all seem to do better when they have a relationship with their customers.  Real is better than fake. Not all of your Facebook friends are your real friends (just a reminder).

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