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We Provide High Quality MLM Leads, Network Marketing Leads and Biz Opp Leads for the Work at Home, MLM and Network Marketing Industry


Leads, Systems, and Training

We Provide Everyone with a FREE online Lead Management System (LMS), Home Based Business Training, Custom MLM Lead Capture Pages, and Network Marketing Lead Capture Pages, Custom Websites, MLM Prospecting Tools, and a full-service affiliate network.

MLM / Network Marketing Leads

We give you the highest quality Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home MLM leads, ranging from Telephone Verified Opt-ins to Opt-in Email Leads, check out our lead packages and get started today.

Build Your Home Business

Our state of the art Lead Management System, an online Contact Manager and our Phase 2 Lead Capture Websites, along with our Phase 3 MLM Lead Capture Pages, which is five Customizable Marketing Websites, help you build your home business quickly and effectively.

MLM Training Tools

You’ll have direct access to all of our Free MLM Training and Network Marketing Systems and Tools like our Hundreds of Recorded Prospecting Training Calls, NetworkLeads TV Training, PM Motivational Movies, our Knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions, and so much more.

Why choose us?

Network Leads has over 20 years of experience in Network Marketing Leads and MLM Lead Generation, MLM Training and Systems. Network Leads has established itself as the top lead generation company, offering a full-range of MLM Leads, Network Marketing Leads, Business Opportunity Leads, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home lead packages. We also provide you with a FREE online Lead Management System (LMS), Home Based Business Training, Custom Lead Capture Pages, Prospecting Tools, & a full-service affiliate network.

High Quality Prospects

High quality MLM Leads and Network Marketing leads, as well as the systems to work your leads, and the MLM / Network Marketing and Home Business training you need to succeed.


We give you EVERYONE a Free Lead Management System (LMS), a fully featured contact manager that allows you to work your leads from anywhere you have a computer and internet access.


Phase 2 is a free set of 4 customizable Lead Capture Pages to choose from, which we host. Upgrading to Phase3 provides you with dozens of templates to choose from, with lots of customizations, as well as allowing you to run 5 websites at once all hosted by us.


Learn from Peter Mingils, industry experts, and others as they share their stories on Building Fortunes Radio Network. You can even get your own radio show.

Network Marketing Leads, MLM Leads, MLM Marketing Tools and Training and Business Opportunity Leads for Your Home Business


Earn a full time, part time, or extra income by becoming a Building Fortunes affiliate. Share our leads, systems, and training with others, and when they buy, you’ll earn.


Youmongus Ad Network is our classified ads network that helps people get seen on the web by providing them with a way to publish ads on dozens of high traffic classified ad websites.


Once you have the habits and thoughts of success, you’ll see why we have included ‘The Refuse to Confuse’ philosophy in the Training.

We have all-inclusive Work From Home Leads, Business Opportunity Leads, Internet Marketing Leads, and MLM lead packages at an unbeatable value. Other companies promise inexpensive MLM Leads or Network Marketing leads, but then charge extra for contact managers, setup fees, or promotional services.

The best MLM, Network Marketing Leads, and Training…

To prove that we give you more in value, than you could ever give us in money, we provide you with MLM Training and a Free Lead Management System for you and everyone in your downline or group. In fact we also give you a Free Phase 2 Customizable Marketing Website and Lead Capture pages System.