Try this Exercise and see MLM Leads & Network Marketing Leads

Try this interesting exercise.

See what you see when you do search engine search for the image of the word “idiot”.

This is an exercise and you can draw many conclusions deeper than the obvious.
(No hate mail please, it’s an exercise)
Go to or and do a search for Images and type in “idiot”.

You may know this already, but for the less internet techie, when you search for Images,
the search engine will pull up pictures.  
Look around and you will probably see an assortment of images of what you might expect.

After you are done with yahoo or bing, do a google search for images and type in the word “idiot”.

You might see different results.

My personal first reaction was , “wow, really?”

Then I thought deeper about the ramifications, besides the obvious.
There are different results based on the same search… That leads me to ask… “who are you getting your information from?”  “Is there any bias on where it’s coming from?”

It’s just an example…

Google does have a pretty good reference on and are other things to remember.

But maybe when you are looking for ways to build your business or sell your product, you can get your leads, training, and information from us.
Our bias is we do many things to really help you build your business.
Lots of people know they need to re-prime their sales funnels after running dry for a while while on summer vacation.  Now is the time to drive traffic to your websites.

Prime that sales funnel

That’s why we include traffic to your website separately or included in a leads order.
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