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Thanks for reading…
Here’s the straight scoop:
No one really knows.

In complex times, smart people and people in authority feel responsible to provide answers to the questions they are asked.

When the real answers are complex and there are lots of conflicting or inaccurate facts and data, I think the best people somehow explain “We are still trying to figure this out.
Here is our plan of action, and we will make adjustments along the way.”

However, based on your thinking, you might think differently.
Based on your audience, we all might customize our answers.

Since you are reading this newsletter/blog post…

As we help our customers figure this out,
I say, “let’s work on our personal situations and allow the world the chance to figure out the rest of the bigger situation.”

There’s some benefits here. For one, unless you are a world leader,
you probably cannot change the global condition.

If you are a global leader, ummm, hint hint … thanks for subscribing,
but, ummm hint hint, don’t you have other things to do?

Second, let us help you “Mind Your Own Business.

This is a “You-better-do-it-yourself” program.

We are helping our customers make the adjustments they need to make in an ever changing business environment.

Depending on what you do or did or still try to do for a living, it depends how we might be able to help.

If you own a business, we can help with the SBA business Loan application process.
We know the government must do another round(s) of funding.
We have been doing business to business loans in 2020, and have what you need.
You will need to call me on this (Me = Peter = 386-445-3585).

For retirees, your check will probably still come in on time… and your 401k looks sad.
Earning a little extra, can help.

For healthcare workers, you are exhausted, and “minting” money with overtime.
We know you are pulling your weight and more. Thanks. Really.
If there is someone in your household needs to “do something” we can help where you are “too busy”.

For regular working people, you are liking the paid time off… for now.
Hold on, there is probably turbulence on the way up and down.
Call your mortgage company, lots of companies are being super flexible… with little downside.

For commissioned sales people and those paid on performance, sorry, it’s tough out there.

No one saw this coming (except for fortune tellers, preppers, and “conspiracy” people)(notice quotes). So, lots of people are trying to figure this out and we are here to help.

We have the Leads Training and Systems to get the job done.
There are lots of people looking.

We have been helping people work from home for 22 years.

More and more people and companies are going to have to deal with this,
and the economic and social impact will be directly or indirectly felt by everybody.

We can help you build your business.

You will need people to talk to NOW.
We have leads and lists and mareketing platforms.

You will need to know what to say.
We can help you with that.

We will need to be different fomr everyone else.
Team up with us and we can show you how to do that too!

NO other company combines the marketing and the training platforms together like we do.
We integrate our Building Fortunes Radio Shows with our Classified Ad Network, and online publications. Ask how we can do that for you.

Increasing the number of people that see your product or opportunity will help.
Buying Traffic by itself or as part of a packagen is always a great place to start.

Order something and plug in.
If you are not sure, call me and I will explain.
If you are working with a Building Fortunes Affiliate,
order through their site… and if you are not sure just ask. is the main website. Maybe you just want to contact people who do MLM. is for traffic to your websites has a short description of almost everything is our Affiliate program (free to join)

Again, Thanks for reading,
Peter Mingils
(386) 445-3585

PS. We do more to help our customers than you might think.
Our satisfied customers are our greatest ascending asset.

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