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(Always here to help you build your business.)

Hello [NAME],

Thanks for reading.
We are helping people positively brand themselves and the industry
using our Building Fortunes Radio, the Youmongus Ad Network,
and our other product lines. (Blogs, News, Charity site) 

There is a lot of competition for time, resources, and attention in the public arena.
The gig economy of Uber, Lyft and others provide people who want to make money right away,
a chance to do that (until their cars break down)(or they have an unpleasant experience).
Selling on Amazon or Ebay is confusing and competitive. 
Showtime Series, John Oliver Last Week Tonight, Penn & Teller.sincerey expose the downside.
The FTC, FDA, and SEC go after the ones they can selectively and effectively shut down or shutter.
All this make negative headlines.

That’s why we do what we do to help people building the right way.
A positive voice for the industry.

And for your future, if you choose this as a path.

So join us and spread the word. 
There are more good people and companies out their than the bad ones.

.Talk to more people. Drive Traffic to your websites.
That’s the key element to building lots of things. 
Most things in building your business can be “fixed” by talking to more people
that can make a decision about what you do.

We can help you with that.

Order something and plug in.
If you are not sure, call me and I will explain.
If you are working with a Building Fortunes Affiliate,
order through their site… and if you are not sure just ask. is the main website. Maybe you just want to contact people who do MLM. for Phase3 is for traffic to your websites has a short description of almost everything is our Affiliate program (free to join)

Again, Thanks for reading,
Peter Mingils
(386) 445-3585

PS. We do more to help our customers than you might think.
Our satisfied customers are our greatest ascending asset. 

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