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High Quality MLM / Network Marketing Leads, Systems and Training
We Help You Build Your MLM Home Business

We provide High Quality MLM Leads, Systems and Training to help you succeed.

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Network Leads provides you with Free Tools and Training to work your MLM or Network Marketing Home Business.
The Tools And Training You Need

Network Leads provides you with Free Tools and Free MLM Training to help you build a large and successful Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing home business.

  • Making Sales Course
  • Implementation 101
  • NetworkLeads TV
  • Archived Audios
  • PM Motivational Channel
  • MLM Who's Who Directory
  • Youmongus Ad Network
  • MLM Free Speech
Everything you need to build a large and successful Network Marketing / MLM home business with Internet leads.
We Have The Systems You Need

Using the right Systems allows you to work better, and faster, getting you to your goals quicker.

In addition to MLM / Network Marketing Leads, we also provide you with MLM Systems, and MLM Training, to help you build it big.
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Network Leads gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a large and successful home business.

We have all types of MLM / Network Marketing Leads available.
Get MLM Leads, Build It BIG!

Increase your sales by INCREASING the number of people you talk to DAILY.

No matter what Network Marketing or MLM company you are working with, we have the MLM Leads, Lead Generation Pages, and Sites to help you.
Phase 3 - Your Own Customizable Websites

Ranging from Simple to Advanced Templates we've got them all!

  • 5 Custom Sites
  • Capture Pages
  • Exit Pop-up
  • Optional Ad Revenue
  • Push Button Marketing
  • Premium Support
  • Youmongus Movies
  • Youmongus Blog

Network Leads - MLM Leads for the Network Marketing Industry

Peter Mingils founded in 1998 with the belief that anyone could sell you MLM leads, but we think you deserve more than that, we're going to help you build your Network Marketing / MLM home business.

With over 17 years of experience in MLM Lead Generation Training and Systems, Network Leads has established itself as the top MLM lead generation company, offering a full-range of high-quality MLM lead packages, online Lead Management System (LMS), training and prospecting tools, plus a full-service affiliate network.


High Quality MLM Leads

We give you the highest quality network marketing leads, ranging from Telephone Verified Optins to High Volume Email Leads, check out our MLM lead packages and get started today.

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The Systems You Need To Build Big

Our state of the art Lead Management System, an online Contact Manager, Phase 2 Customizable marketing site, and email autoresponders with all lead packages.



Access To Training and Tools

You'll have direct access to all of our Free Training and Tools like PM Audios, NetworkLeads TV, PM Motivational Movies, our Knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions, and so much more.

Learn more!

What Makes Network Leads MLM Lead Generation Different?

We have all-inclusive MLM leads packages and unbeatable value.

Other companies promise inexpensive leads, but then charge extra for contact managers, setup fees, or promotional services. That's not how we think it should be, and to prove it, we're going to give you more in value, than you could ever give us in money.

Anyone can get a Free Lead Management System, a Free Phase 2 Marketing Site, and any package that has email leads gets a Free Autoresponder with Professionally written emails included at no extra charge. (You can even modify the autoresponder emails at any time.)

Why do we give so much stuff away for free?

Quite simply, we believe that by helping you build your business, you can help us build our business by sharing our great MLM / Network Marketing leads, systems, and training with people you come in contact with.

Most Popular MLM Lead Packages

We can help you choose the right MLM leads / Network Marketing leads package for you!

  • Quad Combo 1 $119.95
    • 50
      Telephone Verified Opt-in Leads
    • 5,000
      Opt-In Email Leads
    • 200
      Premium Opt-ins Leads
    • Autoresponder & Emails Included
    Best for: New People
  • Quad Combo 2 $200.00
    • 100
      Telephone Verified Opt-in Leads
    • 10,000
      Opt-In Email Leads
    • 400
      Premium Opt-ins Leads
    • Autoresponder & Emails Included
    Best for: Part or Full-Time
  • Prepaid Combo 1 $500.00
    • 500
      Telephone Verified Opt-in Leads
    • 40,000
      Opt-In Email Leads
    • 1600
      Premium Opt-ins Leads
    • Autoresponder & Emails Included
    Best for: Serious Marketers
  • Prepaid Combo 2 $1,000.00
    • 1200
      Telephone Verified Opt-in Leads
    • 100,000
      Opt-In Email Leads
    • 4800
      Premium Opt-ins Leads
    • Autoresponder & Emails Included
    Best for: Serious Marketers
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MLM Lead Packages

We have all types of MLM lead packages.

We can help you find the perfect package to meet your needs. Check out our MLM lead packages, or give us a call at (386) 445-3585, and speak to a live person right away.

The Best MLM Leads and Network Marketing Training

We are the Number 1 Lead Provider for many people, for a reason, we have the MLM leads, systems, and Network Marketing training for success. We have been in business for over 15 years, and continue to expand our growing product line.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your online MLM / Network Marketing Home Business.

Leads, Systems, and Training

High quality leads, the systems to work your leads, and the training you need to succeed.


The most important part of growing your MLM or Network Marketing home business is to have a constant stream of leads to speak with about your opportunity, products or services.

LMS - Lead Management System


We give you EVERYONE a FREE Lead Management System (LMS), a fully featured contact manager that allows you to work your leads from anywhere you have a computer and internet access.

Phase2 - Custom Prospecting Site


Ever wish you could have your very own customized marketing website? We have listened to these wishes, and responded with Phase 2! Choose from one of our four templates, and start customizing.


Your very own set of five custom lead generation and marketing websites, without the need for programming skills, that's Phase 3. Choose from dozens of custom templates, then add movies, pictures, text, and more.

Network Leads TV - MLM Training Videos


We give you 20 online training movies that teach you everything from how to work your leads, to building a successful online business.

Making Sales or Excuses Training Course


Once you have the habits and thoughts of success, you'll see why we have included 'The Refuse to Confuse' philosophy in the Training.

Building Fortunes Affiliate Program


Earn a full time, part time, or extra income by becoming a Building Fortunes affiliate. Share our leads, systems, and training with others, and when they buy, you'll earn.

Youmongus Ads - Post your ad, and be seen!


Have you ever thought about running your very own ad network? Now's your chance, with Youmongus Ad Network, we will set you up with your own Classified Ads site.

Network Leads Blog


Keep up with the latest postings on our Network Leads Blog. Learn about the latest things happening in our industry, as well as valuable tips and insight.

Building Fortunes Radio


Learn from Peter Mingils, MLM industry experts, and others as they share their stories on Building Fortunes Radio Network.


LMS - Lead Management System LoginPhase 2 Customizable Template System LoginPhase 3 Customizable Templates System Login

We can provide you with MLM Leads for any MLM / Network Marketing or business opportunity you are building.

Phase 3 - Lead Generation Pages

  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample
  • Phase3 Capture Sample

Phase 3 is a website builder to help you customize your web presence and marketing online.
Featuring easy to use Lead Generation Capture Forms, Exit Popups, Contact Forms, LMS Integration, and much more!

Making Sales or Excuses Training Course

Making Sales or Excuses Training Course by Peter MingilsAre you looking to improve your MLM and Network Marketing sales skills? You're either Making Sales or you're making Excuses, not making any sales. Peter Mingils teaches the Making Sales or Excuses Training Course. To get the right kind of MLM training, you can take the Mini Course or the Full Course and increase your sales and sales management skills!

Youmongus Ad Network

Have you ever thought about running your very own Classified Ads site? Imagine not having to worry about hosting, maintenance, backups, or any of the other hassles that comes with running a classifieds site. With the Youmongus Ad Network we will setup your own classifieds site, with a domain name of your choice, and you'll be able to charge for ads, run banner ads, and build a large and successful ad site.

Building Fortunes Radio Network

Building Fortunes Radio Network is a live Internet Radio show hosted by Peter Mingils and our guest hosts. We have several radio shows on the Building Fortunes Radio, each hosted by their own respective hosts.


You are either making sales, or you are making excuses, not sales.