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Here’s the story: There’s an attorney in North Carolina that would appreciate your assistance.


Yes. John Oliver went after MLM (Tom Chenault, Denice Chenault big time, Market America owner Koooookie, for sure etc).
Yes John Oliver goes after Vaccines too (anti-vaxxers specifically).
Penn & Teller even did a show in favor of vaccines.

And you know, the government and Main Stream News says, “Just do what you are told!”

That does not go over well with a lot of our audience.

The attorney is the only attorney in the US that focuses on personal exemptions.
Now this attorney is being sued by the North Carolina Bar for practicing outside of NC… and they are trying to take his license away, destroy his livihood and reputation, and eliminate the only US attorney that does what he does.

His name is Alan Phillips. He is known as the Vaccine Rights Attorney… and you can hear the beginning of his story on my recent interview on Building Fortunes Radio.

Start to learn the story, by listening in on Building Fortunes Radio.

Alan Phillips has two websites and

You can do some research on your own. He stopped doing his own radio shows and communicating with his audience due to the lawsuit… I noticed.  So I got involved knowing that part of NC Bar agenda is to silence him. By the way… there are a lot of vaccines manufactured in the State of North Carolina.   A Lot.

So… a lot of people shining a light on this will help… not just kids and grand kids, but adults like you too!   It’s about personal choice on what you put in your body.

Most people don’t know this but the companies that manufacture vaccines can not be sued.  They are the only industry that manufacturers a product known to harm people that the government says can not be sued.  Statistics show “you” didn’t know that.

The government set up a fund (paid by taxpayers) to handle claims for the injuries and deaths. Statistics show “you” didn’t know that either.

Odd huh?  that “you” didn’t know that… especially as who ever is giving “you” the vaccine is supposed to, by law, explain that this process is in place…. Odd huh? never mentioned.

oh, this fund has paid $4 billion so far to people the government admitted were injured or killed due to the vaccines they took.  No jury trial, or high paid attorney pushing costs up for some purpose of personal wealth or class action status. “Yup, it was the vaccines,” governmant says… “here’s your check, that fixes everything now doesn’t it?”

So expand the numbers for what “should” have been paid…  if less than 1% of the injuries were filed and even less passed through the government’s decision making process… and the dollars become what?  $400 billion?  $4 Trillion?

Disclaimer time: I am not an attorney, a doctor, or research scientist.  I also did not save 15% on my car insurance by calling Warren Buffet’s Geico Car Insurance company… so this does not serve as any kind of advice. Enjoy the benefits of doing your own research and making your own decision.  And if you decide that you would want to make your own decisions about what vaccines you and anyone you care about put in their bodies… if they disbar Alan Phillips, you might need to go to law school, pass the bar, then fight the fight yourself… if you want to be able to say no…. and keep your health, your job, fly on a plan, keep your kids, let your kids attend school or day care, vote in the future, get your social security check, etc.

I could go on and on… but join in. listen to the show, and others on Building Fortunes Radio, and SIGN the petition if you agree.

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