The Fear of Cold Calling Your Prospects Working MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Selling

They say if you’ve walked door to door as a salesman then you can sell anything. And believe me, I know it’s true, learning how to sell is a special skill that anyone can acquire, and I mean ANYONE. The key to developing a successful set of sales skills comes from practice. Yes, the first time you pick up the phone and call someone it’s going to be scary. The first time someone rejects you, it’s going to sting a little. The one trick to really growing your mlm, network marketing, or direct selling home based business, is to get past that FEAR of rejection. To get over you fear of calling your prospects, you practice, get on the phone and call your leads or prospects, but realize that everyone is human, and we all have bad days.  If you get told NO, you just keep going, you get past a few weeks of practice, and before you know it, you’re calling and recruiting prospects like a pro.

The next step will be to get organized by making notes for the prospect in your LMS (Lead Management System).  A great place to start learning how to “Cold Call” is by playing our fun IceBreakers Interactive Training Game, or by using the IceBreaker scripts inside of your Lead Management System (LMS) under the Training section (if you don’t have an LMS, we’ll create one for you for FREE).   If you are new to building and growing your home business, just know that nervousness will go away and your answers will get quicker and quicker over time. I have found that once you have done your presentation at least 20 times, you learn your client’s objections and questions and can handle them quicker and better. So the sooner you can present 20 times, the better off and more confident you will be.  And trust me, ANYONE can become a great sales man or woman, take our Making Sales or Excuses Training Course and watch your sales increase!

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