9 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Habits of Success
The Habits of Success

Today’s post will be about the 9 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs and what it takes to become one.  When the Internet first started you had to create your own pages, build your own auto-responders, but now days you don’t have to do it all yourself.  You’re able to sit at home and be able to use the systems we’ve built to help you build your business.

Here are the 9 Habits You’ll need:

1. Write Down Your Goals.  Develop a set of habits, where you get into the right routine.  Say to yourself, “how many people did I call today?”  It’s even better if you can write your goals down on paper or a nice notebook.  Call it your Success Notebook!  What are your goals?  Be specific, would you like a new car?  Clothes for the kids to go to school? Fixing a home appliance?  Share your dreams and goals with people who are there to support and uplift you.  DO NOT share your goals with anyone that is negative and won’t share in your same goals.  Don’t let anybody steal your dreams.  Only surround yourself with people who are positive and help you feel good.  Find Your Success Partner.  Then make agreement with your Success Partner.  Something you can do like, we’ll call 20 – 30 people per day, and recruit 3 to 5 per month.  Then hold your word.

2.  Build a strong customer service base.  This is a great way for you to get paid for the products and services your company is selling.  Money needs to be moving around for you to have a really good business, and the way to do that is to keep adding people everyday by calling and prospecting them.  You don’t always have to bug your Facebook Friends and Family to build your list, a great way to build it is with leads, but keep building it every single day.

3. Live By the 3 Foot Rule.  When someone comes within 3 feet of you, then spark up a conversation with them about anything from the weather.  You don’t have to recruit everyone you talk to, but you’ll get into a more comfortable way of finding out who is interested in your home based business or working from home.  Go where people are, and just be friendly, and watch how receptive people can be.  Joining clubs and groups is a great way of getting to know others.

4. Never Stop Developing.  Always keep working on yourself, by continuing to get the most training  and reading how to sell, and grow your personal self.  You always want to go further, and keep growing.

5. Stay Around The Fire.  What that means is going to company training and functions.  In the beginning you may not be able to afford it, but if you can find one within 40 miles, then GO to it.  You’ll learn from the leaders by being on conference calls, and skipping the TV shows.  Be where the action is, that’s where the leaders are, and that’s why they are leaders.

6.  Show The Plan.  Get people engaged in what you’re doing, and then continue to get their input and ideas so that you can grow and develop your home business.

7. Be an encouraging.  Your downline, your upline, your sideline, everyone needs encouraging, and that helps you to become more visible by being known as a positive person to speak with.  If you’re on conference calls, and they open up the call, get in there and start encouraging others by sharing your positive stories, and complementing them on their achievements.

8. Get To Know Your Upline.  If you’ve got a plan, then run it by your upline, and see what they say.  If you’ve got a new video, and you’re unsure about it, then check with your upline, and see what they think.  You never know if that video you just made will be bad for the company, but your upline will know, and they can help you get the video right!

9.  Affirmations.  Speak things into existence, speak it strong enough and long enough, and you’ll start to believe them.  Look yourself in the mirror and say it, “I’m succesful”, “I’m Fantastic!”  Don’t wait until you’re making a million dollars to start telling yourself that you can do it, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference, so start telling yourself that you can reach your goals, and you’ll start to reach them!

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