Our most valuable asset is you, the customer. We have been in the lead generation business helping people buy leads for over 15 years because we put you first. Here are a few of the great testimonials we have received over the years.

"Of all the things that I like about you and your staff and your products, perhaps what I like best is your sense of humor.
It is great to do business with your very professional organization without having to suffer with dull, dry and boring 'stuffed shirts!'
Mary Anne S. - Herbalife

Dear Peter,
Here's a VERY BIG THUMBS UP to you and everyone who represents PM Marketing."
Sherry S. - People Helping People

Dear Peter:
Thank you for teaching me to evaluate my business periodically. Reality is, we all get so caught up in the day to day rush that it is easy to lose perspective.
Every time I do the evaluation, I identify something that I can improve on - and honestly, it is often something I have already learned from one of your training programs that I have forgotten to do.
Every time, I kick my business up a notch."
Stuart C. - Eco Quest

I cannot believe how easy it is to design my own website with your Phase2 system. It 'Tells The Story' of our business very effectively.
Members of my downline just love it."
Adam and Amanda N. - Isagenix

Hi Peter,
I get the biggest KICK out of PM Notify.
I was washing the dishes after dinner tonight when I heard the PM Notify chime from my computer in the family room. Someone had clicked to my website. Of course, I picked up the phone and called my lead. WOW was he impressed!
I think I'll be asking you to set him up with a New Person Advertising Package in the next couple of days. He's very interested in my business!"
Dave T. - Melaleuca

I have never had so many positive responses as I have since implementing the things you teach in the Implementation 101 Training Calls. I love the Little People Tool Box, and the Icebreaker Training. Bloopers are cool, too."
Terrance O. - Pre Paid Legal

Where did you get all the CREATIVITY that you put into PM Marketing - NetworkLeads.com? I'm talking about the fun stuff... the stories... the graphics... THE MOVIES!
This is what makes learning fun, interesting and delivers very powerful results."
Chris Y. - Ameriplan

Hello Peter,
Vincent really helped me the other day. I was a bit lost on what to do next and he spent the time walking me through the steps. I wanted you to know how great he is."
Allisa D. - Coastal Vacations

I'm a believer... I'm always listening to (an audio of) someone who knows more than I do... and it always produces RESULTS!"
Nancy P. - Monavie

Thank you for the message. I am extremely pleased with my orders of leads. My record keeping isn't the best, but I do know that I am getting results in sign ups (3 in the past week.) My biggest challenge right now is having time to get the follow-ups done."
Tyrell J. - Nikken

Your generosity with tips and information leads me to believe that you have integrity. Thank you so much for all of your help."
Stanton F. - Herbalife

I have a confession to make. There was a time when I didn't follow up. I was too scared. Time finally came around when I was sick and tired of being scared - and a failure - so I gutted it up. I made the follow up calls, got some no's, got some yes's."
Terry G. - Coastal Vacations


Choosing mlm leads that are genuinely interested in starting a home business is the key factor in Network Marketing. We are an mlm lead generation company that takes you and your home business seriously. We want to help you become successful with your Multi Level Marketing company or opportunity.

NetworkLeads.com MLM Leads powered by PM Marketing is one of the premier mlm leads companies in the industry for a reason... We put our customers first. Our goal is to provide you with the world's most responsive and best converting business opportunity leads.

Network Leads views MLM lead generation and conversion from a prospect's point of view by focusing on several different aspects of how the best MLM leads are generated, dramatically improving overall conversion rates and the quality of network marketing leads. Our goal is to understand what your prospects want and to help them get it by connecting directly with you.

With Network Leads You'll Get:

NetworkLeads.com also gives your own online Lead Management System, so that you can access your mlm leads online from anywhere, any time. You'll be able to set callbacks, send email, get notifications of Opens and Clicks to your Site, full lead history, download leads, support and free training audios, movies, games, scripts and more.

Your Success is Our Success

We aren't going to sell you business opportunity leads once or twice, we want to help you build your home business for life and we'll prove it to you.

So whether you're an experienced networker or brand new, you owe it to yourself to get started with Network Leads and our MLM Leads. If you're not ready to purchase leads yet, please browse our site, or join us on one of our Daily Calls to learn more about PM Marketing - NetworkLeads.com or give us a call anytime.