Here are just a few of the hundreds of personal testimonials we have gotten over the past 15+ years of helping people in the MLM and Network Marketing industry.

"I Just wanted to send a brief note to say Thank You So Much! I HAVE received my mlm leads package and I am happy about that. MORE IMPORTANTLY, YOU'RE TRAINING MODULES; ARCHIVED CALLS, ETC. IS ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS! I have learned soooooooooo much. Your services, to me, are invaluable. I am so grateful that I found you. Best regards."
Carol M. - Karatbars

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have not had anyone work so hard to help someone else out. I got your Kyani mlm leads, and you are the greatest! I will start working on them right away. Your leads have so much info that it makes my head spin. Thanks again for geting me started with so little effort. Your my success story this month and the next. Thank you Peter Mingils, and your entire team. Have a great summer."
Theresa L. - Kyani

"I am a long time customer of PM Marketing - NetworkLeads. I can only express my gratitude to the entire staff and their expanding product line. Phase3 and Youmongus Ad Network are great, Insertion selling is the coolest tool I have ever used. Great job!"
Douglas J. - Empower Network

"Hi Peter: I just wanted to thank you for the time that you spent with me today. Though I've listened to, spoken with and have been coached by the so called "best of the best", I sense that working with you will be the most practical and meaningful training strategy that I have found.

I'm looking forward to becoming a recruiting machine, and I’m even more excited about being able to plug others into a solution that is going to be effective... yet, not cost prohibitive. I know that we'll have many more conversations."
Lynese U. - Herbalife

"This is a little preliminary, but I just listened to one of your QDC calls, and I get it, if I could show you how ...., would you....? I like it, I have never thought of asking questions like that, and I have spent 10 years taking 20 minutes answering a question that belonged to a person who didn’t deserve my time and emotional energy. Thank you Peter. How did you learn all this? Don’t answer that, I know you have skill and experience."
Jacqueline R. - Herbalife

"We hope to have several people on next week, the training was wonderful, the system is THE MOST WONDERFUL SYSTEM we have ever seen. I believe after someone sees what you did tonight with the system while every one is watching, will help every one so much even the people that have been with you a couple of months, I know I learn a few new things myself that I had missed before. This training that you did this evening will open up doors for everyone, if they apply themselves with this AWESOME SYSTEM."
Chris H. - 5Linx

"Peter: Of all the things that I like about you and your staff and your products, perhaps what I like best is your sense of humor. It is great to do business with your very professional organization without having to suffer with dull, dry and boring 'stuffed shirts!'"
Mary Anne S. - Herbalife

"I just want to thank Peter Mingils again for the call. I know how busy Peter's schedule is, and I really appreciate his taking out so much of his time on a Saturday to do the call.

I have already received feedback on how beneficial the calls were and educational. I agree with Mark on asking Peter if he would be able to have another Saturday call. And thank you for the leads - I will work with Mark to have them distributed. What's really great about this call is the best kind of advertising is word of mouth and I think as people who were on the call talk about how great the call was with how Peter spoke with the prospects; how he used the Icebreaker and the responsiveness of the leads (which in my opinion also confirmed what many people need to hear -- a lead is only as good as the person calling the lead), will draw even more to the next call.

I have already spoken to a few IBOs who said they would have marked Benjamin as a not interested prospect and would not have continued with probing questions and found it very illuminating to see how Peter asked the questions and was able to completely turn the call around."
Steve Y. - Beach Body

"Hi Peter, How are you today? Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I have recieved my leads. I am having wonderful results in talking to people. No new reps yet but am still plugging away. I have to admit I have talked to more receptive people in the past few days than I have in the six months that I have been calling leads. Thanks to you and your team. Hope to hear from you soon."
Jeff P. - Fortune Hi - Tech marketing

"Hello Vincent, I wanted to drop a note to you to say thanks! I have received my mlm leads. I am very impressed with your company's website. As a matter of fact, it is awesome. I can assure you, I will be sending my downline and many, many others to your site or having them call you.

Vincent, I believe in telling it like it is and so do you. I, greatly, appreciate your attitude. When you called I was only maybe seconds away from placing a leads order with another company. I was, actually, on the site about to hit the "order now" icon when you called. I was in the process of looking for my credit card when you called.

Needless to say, there are reasons things happen which we can't explain. I know the reasoning for your call right at the precise time I needed it. I am so glad you called when you did! Again, thanks for the great mlm leads!"
Danny E. - Herbalife

"Thanks, PM Marketing! I love this company! I bought leads from them a couple of times and the training I've received is fantastic. Peter is so good. He has done some personal coaching with me on some of the 101 calls when there hasn't been anyone else on. So I am a big fan. I have learned a lot, thank you so much Peter and Vincent Mingils."
Deb A. - GBG