About PM Marketing - NetworkLeads.com

In 1998, Peter Mingils founded PM Marketing - Network Leads. We understand, anyone can sell you leads, but we think you deserve more than that. PM Marketing - Network Leads will help you build your business by offering you high quality leads, the systems, and the training you need to succeed.

  • Peter is a guest speaker at the Dr. Charles King's University of Illinois @ Chicago's Network Marketing Seminar.
  • He is the past President of a non-proft organization called The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (The ANMP), formerly known as the Distributor Rights Association (DRA).
  • He is also an original corporate sponsor for the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA).

One of the most important resources of all MLM marketers is a constant flow of people taking a look at the products and services you have to offer. PM Marketing - Network Leads is the industry leader in the Leads, Systems, and Training business.

"At PM Marketing / NetworkLeads, we will always give you more in value, than you could ever give us in your dollars."
- Peter Mingils


Oh My Gosh! I LOVE your graphics!

And I have to tell you, I know you are selling leads. You're in business like all of us. But may I say that your generosity with tips and information leads me to believe that you have integrity. I want to sincerely compliment you about that... it just comes through between all your lines...

Bless your endeavors as God grants you prosperity and abundance..."
Susanne C. - Empower Network


I am absolutely amazed at how effective your New Person Advertising Package has been in helping me build my team. New team members are excited to get their own Lead Management System. This definitely gives them a chance to 'put their toe in the water' and learn how to do what I do.

Of course, I have them plugged into your 101 Implementation Calls, watching NetworkLeads TV and listening to your audio archives.

Before long they're ready to buy their own leads - and more importantly - they are prepared to work their leads.

What's the end result? DUPLICATION!

Thank You! :)"
Mike B. - People Helping People

I want to thank you for all that you - and your outstanding team - have done to make my life easier as I build my business.
Your CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM IS AMAZING. Courteous. Helpful. Patient (very patient with my newbie-ness with technology).
They always find solutions to meet my needs."
Gina N. - My Covenant Love

PM Marketing - NetworkLeads.com is outstanding!
I am absolutely blown away with all the tools you have for me to use. And the training is exceptional. I've been in this industry for a number of years and I've never seen anything like what you have to offer.
Thank you, Peter."
Mary D. - Isagenix

There's many places where people can purchase leads of people who have expressed interest in makeing money from home, or starting a home-based business. But PM Marketing goes well beyond that. They give you the training you need to talk to those leads properly, engage them in conversation, and get them to see more of what you have to offer, and then follow up and eventually convert them.

PM Marketing also provides a lead management system (LMS) to help you keep track of your leads and keep in contact with them. They give you lots of free training, which is valuable by itself. They offer more advanced training as well, and an entire suite of tools and training to really maximize the potential of the leads, and help you generate your own leads, and then convert them, and support your team on an ongoing basis.

I am really just seeing the full scope of the tools that PM Marketing offers, but I am already seeing benefits, and I am increasing my skills every day.

As long as I am involved in the home-based business arena, I will be a happy customer of all of the products of PM Marketing. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is serious about their entrepreneurial venture."
Tom F. - QSciences