Challenges and opportunities this week

July 4th weekend is about “freedom and independence?” There are also some challenges that will be coming as well. Facebook and Google/YouTube are starting to limit what you see and what you can make your own mind up about. Limiting information is not freedom.

Here in the United States, July 4th week is a great time to catch people home. A lot of people will be off their regular job on Thursday though Sunday.

In this post, I will talk about business first and then towards the end, provide links to the FaceBook and Google YouTube articles you might be interested in reading.

Yes, some people will still have to work, and some will be traveling.
But some of the best people you might contact might only be available this week. Unlike Christmas and Unlike New Years Eve, there’s less stress.

And most people will be thinking about Freedom and Independence more than usual. Some may actually want more of that!

Get started as early as today.  
I have new inventory in on a list of MLMers.
These are both customers and distributors.
These are people that ordered product and also signed up for the income generating opportunity.

I promised a few of my customers a certain portion of the list, and
reserved some extra for you since you are on our newsletters list.

You can see the details on
As usual, on this package we will include 1000 Traffic/visitors to your website. Plus we add our Youmongus Ad Network Account (if you don’t have one already).

This is perfect if you think you want to talk to and connect with people
with experience in social media, facebook, education about home based businesses etc.

So again,
This is a good time to call, as many people will be hoime or available to chat
due to the holiday coming up. 

The fastest way I know to increase the size of your business and your income is to sell more and build a bigger sales team. Sales is a good word. It usually means “money in”.

We’ve been showing people how to sell more and build bigger for over 20 years. I am sure we can help you and your downline or your business. is the main website. Maybe you just want to contact people who do MLM. for Phase3 website builder and lead capture pages system. is for traffic to your websites. has a short description of almost everything we have to offer.

Again, Thanks for reading,
Peter Mingils
(386) 445-3585

PS. We do more to help our customers than you might think. Our satisfied customers are our greatest ascending asset. 

PPS Here are the links to read:

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