How did PM Marketing – Network Leads get started?

I’m often asked how and when PM Marketing – Network was started…  So in this week’s post, I would like to explain.  About 16 years ago, I was down on a beach in Flagler, and my brother Vincent was visiting, and asked if I could use some help.  Since we were so busy, I immediately said yes, and we went to work building the PM Marketing company and the Network Leads product line.

We started by selling leads, but we quickly realized that as the Internet grew, and email marketing also began to grow, we would need to give you an autoresponder that you could customize.  Then we realized that you would need the right Training (like our Making Sales or Excuses Training Course) to help you get ahead of your competition.  Next we knew that you would need a way to keep track of your new prospects and leads, and that’s why we built LMS, your Lead Management System.  As the years continued to go on we created fun instructional videos and games on NetworkLeads/TV to help you learn how to work your leads, and how to handle rejection, and more.  We also knew that you would need custom lead capture pages, so we built Phase2 and Phase3 to help you get your own message out in your own way.  We’ve also created a Youmongus Product line, that is so BIG it’s YOUMONGUS!  As you can see, PM Marketing has continued to develop a huge assortment of products to help you build your Home based Business.

One of our latest products that we’ve been building like crazy, has been the Building Fortunes Radio network!  It’s been over a year of several people who have great products, services, ideas and more.  If you haven’t gotten in on the Building Fortunes calls yet, you should, there is certainly one for you.

And remember, we’re here to help you build your Network Marketing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, or Work From Home Business, by training you and your downline, upline, sideline, and everyone you need us to.

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