Business Model and Compensation Plans

The Business Model and Compensation Plan presented by Peter Mingils.

When building your business, you need to have a product, opportunity or business model that you can share with others and help them build their own business.

That’s where we come in. We provide you with the Tools, Systems, and Training to help you share whatever it is you’re doing or promoting with others, and how you’ll receive the compensation to help you grow and build your business.

DOWS – Desire, Opportunity, Way, Systems

Peter Mingils, owner of PM Marketing Network Leads, explains the 4 Components of working a Home Based Business using the DOWS system. Desire, Opportunity, Way, and Someone are the 4 components of the DOWS system.

This simple acronym can help you learn an effective way of growing your home business by giving you a simple to understand concept of how things work when growing your business.

I’ll start with the D for a Desire to build a home business, because you need to have a desire to build your own home business, or to do something that will change your life.

Then the O for Opportunity. Finding the right opportunity to build will be very important in helping you stay focused on what you’re doing. The Opportunity needs to be something that you can use, or believe in or build upon to make something better.

Next is the W, as in a Way to promote your opportunity or business. You have to have a way to show others what you’re doing, and how it works. Are you going to use word of mouth? Can you use MLM or opportunity leads? Will e-mail marketing be your way of showing others? Whatever it is, you need to have the Way to run or promote your business.

And finally, the S which stands for Someone or Systems to show you how to do it… Meaning how you’ll use the tools that you’re shown to share your product, opportunity, or business with others.

If you can remember these 4 letters, then you’ll be able to quickly get started.

STYLED – Systems, Training, You, Leads, Enthusiasm, Do

Peter Mingils shows you the STYLED formula for success when building a Network Marketing, MLM, or home based business. They stand for Systems, Training, You, Leads, Enthusiasm, and Do, the 5 components that are easy to remember when learning how to build your business.

S x T x Y x L x E x D which stands for STYLED, will give you the results you desire when you apply that when working your opportunity.

TIME – Timing, Icebreaker, Mood, Enthusiasm

Peter Mingils shares the acronym, TIME which stands for Timing, Icebreaker, Mood, and Enthusiasm. Watch the movie above, and learn these simple techniques when calling your leads for greater success in the MLM, Network Marketing or home based business profession. Using the TIME analogy can help you achieve better results, and help you show others how to reach their goals as well.