Peter Mingils explains IMP-Integrated Marketing Principle

Peter Mingils explains the IMP – Integrated Marketing Principle – DOWNLOAD MP3

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IMP (Integrated Marketing Principle)

PM Marketing allows you to leverage your marketing efforts to give you a competitive Edge.

Separate yourself and your business from everyone else.

How the PM Marketing Product Line including Building Fortunes Affiliates, Youmongus Ad Network Classified Ad Sites, and Building Fortunes Radio Shows work together in an IMP (Integrated Marketing Platform):

There are several components that work together to help leverage your results and your efforts.

These products include:
1) The Building Fortunes Radio including your segment
2) The Youmongus Classified Ad Websites
3) Youmongus Blog
4) Building Fortunes Affiliate
5) Phase3 Personalized Websites
6) Our Customer Service Webinars, Chat, and FAQs
7) PM Marketing Sales and Tech Staff

Here are more details and an expansion on the explanations:

1) The Building Fortunes Radio (including your segment)
The main site is This is where we host all the radio segments we do.

This site gets a lot of traffic and many people “bounce around” when listening and randomly listen in.

The platform is on Blog Talk Radio and your shows are hosted there too. This allows the world to listen in as well.
Through the internet, tablets, or their smart phones.

We also give segments to other Radio Shows we work with and you will get extra exposure from all of this.

Your segment will be thirty minutes long. There will be a Building Fortunes Radio introduction segment, a spot for one or two commercials throughout the Radio show and a Building Fortunes exit. This allows for a nice flow and also gives you an opportunity to divide the show into segments. Callers can call in while the show is live to (347) 237-4097.

Each show will have it’s own distinct link. This allows you to use this link in many places: websites, email, social media, your classified ad sites, your Youmongus Blog, your Phase3 sites. Your limits are really the ones you create. You can do a lot with your Building Fortunes Radio spots.

You can interview guests, use it for your downline, do original shows, or rebroadcasts, etc.

2) The Youmongus Classified Ad Websites
Your Youmongus Classified Ads are part of the Youmongus Ad Network (YAN).
The Main site we show people when we are explaining the YAN is

3) Youmongus Blog – This is a blog and you can post to this as often as you like.
Naturally, you can post about ads in your Youmongus Ad Network, about your Building Fortunes Radio show, etc.

By now, I am sure you are getting more comfortable with what I mean by IMP, Integrated Marketing Principle.

4) Building Fortunes Affiliate (BFA)
This allows you to sell all of PM Marketing’s products and earn a commission. You will find people need leads, want to have websites, want to buy their own Classified ad sites, take training etc… you can earn as a BFA.

5) Phase3 This is our Website Builder. It is a complex piece of software we built to develop websites, capture pages, mini movies etc… BUT it’s easy to use.

6) Our Customer Service Webinars, Chat, and FAQs.
Yes, these are features and benefits you can leverage and enjoy more than ever.

When you go to work with us, we go to work for you. We host at least 27 LIVE Webinars per week, so you don’t have to. There are hundreds of hours of audios and videos for you and your customers and your business associates. Leverage your business by leveraging us to your advantage.

7) PM Marketing Sales and Tech Staff.
Much like I wrote above, you can use myself and our staff to help you.

There’s more… if you have an active leads package, as you can utilize the EMOS autoresponder to drive additional traffic.

Other benefits include the social media sites that are connected to the product line.
Then there’s the very real concept that people will LIKE, Share, etc to others.
As you have links in several places and in high volume if you use these products, you will get a lot of Search Engine Activity too. Each post in Youmongus Blog, every page on Phase3, every Ad in your classified site, every radio show forms a link to you and your brand.

Again, all great examples of IMP… Compound the benefits over time and you can see what we mean by Building Fortunes.

Thanks for the business and the referrals.

Peter Mingils
(386) 445-3585

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