GPN Center MLM Leads Package - $150.00 One Time or Monthly

Many people find that working with people with MLM experience to be easier than working with people without. We have lists of people in MLM. Some will be interested, some will not. If you're looking for people that can really bring your business to the next level, this is the list for you. This MLMer Package is sold in batches of 1000 names for $150/batch. The Leads are added to your LMS and/ sent as a csv file.

  • 1000 MLMers/ Batch
  • Special Bonus: 1000 Traffic Visitors directed to your website/ (1000 Total) to link.
  • You can order this package one time or monthly.
  • Each lead contains first name, last name, phone number and email.
  • We overfill to cover any leads that cannot be contacted.

When you order monthly, your Monthly Order Qualifies you for the 4 x 2 Double your Leads Special. This means that we'll double your leads on your fourth order.

Monthly Package

One Time Package