LMS (Lead Management System)

PM Marketing has listened to the needs of MLM and Network Marketers. One of the things marketers told us was that Customer Relationship Management was lacking in this industry. We answered the call by providing an easy to use but powerful Leads Management System, LMS. With LMS you are able to:

    LMS - Online Contact Manager for working your MLM Leads.
  • Work Leads Effectively.
  • Schedule & work call backs easily.
  • Email prospects directly from contact manager.
  • Send voice enabled email. (Prospect hears your personal message when opening email).
  • Search, Sort, Download, Store and transfer leads.
  • Share leads with downline.
  • Track every action with Lead History.

PM Notify

PM Notify Software - It's a great way of knowing instantly what is happening, when it's happening.

    PM Notify Instant Notification Software.
  • PM Notify gives you instant notification anytime a lead prospect opens an email or clicks to view your website. This enables you to contact that lead prospect while they are reading your email or visiting your website.
  • A PMNotify Icon will reside on the bottom right hand side of your computer monitor, near your clock. PM Notify will notify you instantly when a lead prospect opens your email being sent through EMOS, or Clicks on your web site (through the emails sent through EMOS).


Phase2 gives you one custom website without the hassle. With Phase2 you are able to:

    Phase2 - Custom Website
  • Customize a Template to send your lead prospects.
  • Take advantage of our themed sites and domains, to create one great website, and make it your own by simply replacing some content with your own words.
  • Allows your E.M.O.S. lead prospects to be auto-form filled with their information already on the page ready to be sent to you.


Phase3 gives you FIVE custom websites without the hassle. With Phase3 you are able to:

    Phase3 - Five Custom Websites
  • 5 Customizable Templates to send your lead prospects.
  • Take advantage of our themed sites and domains, to create FIVE great websites, and make it your own by simply replacing some content with your own words.
  • Allows your E.M.O.S. lead prospects to be auto-form filled with their information already on the page ready to be sent to you.
  • Capture Page and Exit Page Pop-up Option with differnt form options available.
  • Optional Ad Revenue by placing your online ads directly on your websites.
  • Premium Support available by Support Ticket System, E-mail, and by Telephone.


    Training - By Peter Mingils and Several Guests
  • PM Marketing-NetworkLeads is going to train you on how to call your lead prospects and maximize your results from your lead campaign. We will teach you to make the initial contact, how to use icebreakers, how to build rapport, present your business and how to make follow-up calls.
  • We provide two complete training courses, one for basics, and one advanced, including live prospecting calls. There are 20+ Educational Movies, over 400 Archived Conference calls, Live and Recorded OnLine Courses, all at no cost to you. It has always been our commitment to provide free training for our customers, and you will see that we provide more in value than any other company.
  • Making Sales Or Excuses Training - For those individuals who are serious about getting the proper training to get ahead in this industry, we present the Making Sales Or Excuses Training Course. This is a one year hands on training program, learn more here.

PM Dollars

    PM Dollars - Customer Rewards System
  • PM Dollars is a special rewards program where PM Marketing customers can earn "dollars" to redeem for products and services.
  • You'll be earning 10% PM Dollars on your Leads orders.
  • Give your PM Marketing Rep qualified referrals for PM Marketing business, and you will receive $10 PMD per qualified referral.

Building Fortunes Affiliates

Building Fortunes Affilate ProgramThe Building Fortunes Affiliate program, gives people who are looking to earn more income an opportunity to sell our leads, systems and training to others in the MLM and Network Marketing industry. Check it out to learn about becoming a Building Fortunes Affiliate today!

Building Fortunes Radio

Building Fortunes Affilate ProgramThe Building Fortunes Radio Network assists entrepreneurs in building their business through the support of Internet Radio through our marketing channels, which include email, websites, blogs, classified ads, social networking, text, and phone. You can tune in live, or listen to recorded broadcasts, where you'll gain valuable insight into working from home, the MLM industry, Network Marketing, and more.

Youmongus Blog (Part of Phase3 Packages)

Your very own blog. With Youmongus Blog you are able to:

    Youmongus Blog - Part of Phase3 System, Your Own Blog
  • Blog about whatever you would like to using one of our many styles.
  • Have dynamic content added frequently.
  • Take advatage of the collective collaboration of others.
  • Increase your rankings in the search engines.

MLM Free Speech Social Network

Say what you want... just be nice! With MLM Free Speech you are able to:

    MLM Free Speech - Say what you want, just be nice.
  • Have a chance to express your own views about MLM.
  • Learn more about what's going on in the MLM / Network Marketing industry.
  • Comment and colaberate with others about hot topics in the news.

Making Sales or Excuses Training

The Making Sales Or Excuses Training lasts an entire year to give you the support you'll need to keep you focused. Once you have the habits and thoughts of success, you'll see why we have included 'The Refuse to Confuse' philosophy in the Training.

We have been teaching Sales and Sales Management as well as Personal and Professional Development for 27 Years. We can teach it to you and your team. Go to www.MakingSalesOrExcuses.com to purchase the course now.

The PM Marketing - Network Leads Blog

The Network Leads Blog is mostly written by Peter Mingils with guest posts from various people including Vincent Mingils. It's our goal to give you useful tips and information to help you build your online, Network Marketing, MLM, Home Based Business opportunity. Our Network Leads blog has frequently updated posts on all kinds of topics, be sure to check it out.