Ever wish you could have your very own set of customized marketing websites? Ever wish that could be done with out the need of programming skills?

Phase3 - Custom Websites, Capture Pages

SPECIAL $1.00 First Month, then $19.95 Per Month
  • The Push Button Marketing system (see http://www.networkleads.com/pushbuttonmarketing )
  • Phase3 Personalized Websites- Customized and use 5 Templates, dozens to choose from.
  • Phase3 sites can be complete websites or capture pages
  • Insert your own text, your own videos, and your own pictures
  • With or Without Your Ads option
  • Phase3 Marketing Websites now include editable Movies and special effects
  • Phase3 Marketing Websites now include The Youmongus Blog
  • LMS (Lead Management System) for you and your team.
  • PM Notify Instant Notification System
  • Training (400+ Archived Conference Calls, 19 Movies, 2 Online and Phone Training Courses)
  • PM Motivational Channel
  • Live and OnLine Customer Service and Support and Chat
  • 10% of the your order added as PM Dollars
  • Customize your own Youmongus Movies
  • Includes Phase3 Guarantee

BUY PHASE3 (Click to Open and Buy Phase3 Website Builder and Marketing System)

Make money with Ads-Your own ads, as you drive traffic to your Phase3 sites.

Live Examples:
(We use these for demo purposes, and they are always being modified as we show people how to use them.)

Note: Each of the sites below will open in their own window.

www.hot-deals-today.com/sample Make your own Hot Deals!
www.mlmcashregister.com/sample ( The Movie you can customize)

Fine Print:
No contracts. Leads and EMOS are not included in Phase3.
This is a great way to get started... you can do the Ads yourself, if you know how, or not use them at all if you do not want to. If you have questions, ask your PM Marketing rep.

Suggested Add-Ons: Remember to order a Leads Package to help drive traffic to your sites.

The Making Sales or Excuses Training will help you and your team.

We generate LMS and EMOS User names for you. The User Name for both systems will be the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name (all small letters, no spaces). For example, Cathy Smith's User name will be csmith.

Please enter a password for both LMS and EMOS:

(If you already have an LMS, please leave blank or put current password.)

Please enter the website you would like to promote:

Phase3 is a Monthly Package:

(This is a Monthly Order, unless otherwise selected. Remember, when you order Leads Packages Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly, we re-email all the leads from the previous orders, and double the number of leads you receive every 4th order.)

Select Package Quantity:

(Note: If you have special instructions, you will be able to add these later during the ordering process.)
The Phase3 Website Builder and Marketing System Cost is $19.95 / Per Month