"We may not be able to solve our problems and achieve the levels we want with the same minds that created them." - Peter Mingils

For you to have success in sales and build a business, you need to develop the right habits and mindset. This is usually not developed immediately... it takes time, repetition, and a support group. That's what the Master Mind and Mentoring Program is all about. Peter Mingils is a top Network Marketing Trainer, and Professional Home Based Business Entrepreneur. This course will guide you through what it takes to build a large and successful home based business. No matter what you're working, MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Independent Business Owner, or just a work at home entrepreneur, then Peter Mingils can guide you through the steps of becoming successful. This is for you if you are a leader or if you aspiring to be a leader.

  • There will be several Live events each month.
  • Many will be recorded for your review.
  • Details will follow by email and phone.
  • You will be asked to participate on the Building Fortunes Radio Show regularly.
  • Benefits are included for active Members.
  • We will cover a host of topics related to Business, Management, Sales and Technology.

Master Mind and Mentoring Program by Peter Mingils on Building Fortunes Radio

The Master Mind and Mentoring Program is a $500 One Time Payment, and $50 per month.

The Master Mind Program is a $50 Monthly Payment. You can always upgrade to the Mentoring Program.